I’ve lived in Cape Town for a while now, so I consider myself a Capetonian. There’s this cosmopolitan vibe that is so exhilarating. I have to admit that comming from a not-so-small town and coming to here is a bit of a drastic change, nooo not that I was completely oblivious to the cosmo lifestyle. I get super excited everyday to go out and scout for new trends and styles on the street…that can never ever be a wasted day. *wink

So today my crazy and eccentric friend, Violet (cool name isn’t it), and I decided on impulse to go into town, impulsive because I had a seminar in two hours, but when it comes to any fashionista two hours is more than enough! hee hee, Let the windowspree begin

We pranced down the best and leading fashion street in  Town…*drum roll please, dunn dunn dunn*… Long Street! Yip, thats the one. It boasts the most amaze shops, boutiques and vintage stores around, you could die! then wake up again and buy something. We went in and out of them basically drooling over everything we laid our marcara’d eyes on, living on a student allowance isn’t exactly the most thrilling thing in the world.

The weak sun shone out in the sky which made everything seem buttercup-ish. The stores that stood out for me were Michele Local, thier clothes were so pretty and very feminine which always catches my eye. Traffic always, let me repeat that, always! has something that makes me want to abolish my allowance. What really stood out for me was the gorgeous jewelry they had, its fun yet flirty and casual, which is sooo me. Their figure belts are so cute with their frilly designs,  flowers and nude and peach colours, I imagined the perfect outfit with my cream coloured dress, Bliss!  Journey was another store that was amazing, they have nyc clothes, very trendy but vintage. I saw this amazing little shoe that looked like a toy shoes, guess it was because it was made of plastic-y stuff. They had cute tule skirts and this this leopard print top to die for…

I have to say that Doc Martens have made a massive come back *Yippie*. Pair them up with ripped washed-out jeans, a statement tee, the boyfriend-blazer and a bowler hat (or a beannie will do), and Voilà. To make a feminine outfit like a flirty/floral dress more edgier add a pair of Docies, to show off those toned thighs wear them with a super short shorts, you’ll look like a rebel(with a fashion cause). Long Street is abuzz with excitemet yet very laidback at the same time.

Cheers to the Long Street…♥