I’m Out. Peace!

Outside my window it’s alive with students in party mode ready to dance the night away. It’s rather hectic! I looked out the window just to peek at their outfits and sure enough there were some ‘gotta get me suma dat’ outfits and some not so appealing to the human eye…hahahaha, just had a thought of what my bestfriend, Casandra, would have said…

This one outfit that made heads turn, yes…mine too, was this ensemble of a short black skirt and black stockings, killer gold heels and a stripy gold top sinched in at the waist, and the lady wearing it rocked it with confidence, applauding. Another was a classic LBD, red heels, red nails and nude lipstick. I love how she didn’t go overboard by puting on red lipstick but kept it natural.

Speaking of red lipstick…I absolutely adore Mac Red lipstick, it lasts very long and adds so much punch to the face, that sounded weird but you get what i mean, and outfit. It’s best to use it with a red lip liner too.

Well, I’ve got to attend an early party at Club Zzz tonight and I’m the guest of honor, Whoop! Reason being that today I hiked up to Signal Hill and all around to Table Mountain, thats a total of six hours. Not for leasure though but for a class field trip. However exhausting it was it was still the most exciting. The view from the there was spectacular and looking at Cape Town from way up there makes you appreciate the beautiful South Africa and world we live in. The sun was out and everything was peaches and cream… I do advice you to take a hike up there and just simply enjoy the view, it will be worth it

As I was up there I couldn’t help but plot out perfect photo shoot areas, the photographer in me was out with enthusiasm. The dusty gravel pathways and rock features, breath taking views and amazing trees got me imagining the perfect outfits to photograph in. Chiffon animal print dresses and a pair of Doccies, worn-out jeans with a baggy top and a feather locket chain… the list could go on and on…

But that’s for next time we go up there…for reasons other that a Geo class field trip. Now, I have to slip into the Zzzz club and mingle with puffy clouds, marshmellow, butterfly and cotton candy (the A-list yall).

Sweet fashion dreaming…♥♥♥

Dreaming is believing…keep dreaming…