Amen sister!!

This is one of many quotes I live by, it’s everything that I live by and ‘believe‘ in too. And of course the quote is by a woman I definetly adore and admire, Audrey Hepburn. Not only did she have the best style and fashion sense but carried herself with grace and elegance, certainly what I try to do everyday.

Audrey not only was a fashion icon but she brought the LDB into the spotlight, thank you like a million times!

Now your probably wondering why on this beautiful Earth am I bringing Audrey up? Well, for her iconic stance in fashion of course!… ok, ok… The real reason is that I woke up super early this morning, my body hated me for that, to do an assignment and… well… I snuck in a movie, how else was I to be inspired to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day? *wink*

Breakfast At Tiffany’s. What an amazing movie, to watch it is sort of a right of passage to, so if you have not… where in the sub-saharan desert is that rock you’ve been living under? I just love this movie with a passion, I mean, I’ve watched it probably over a hundred times…ok thats an over exaggeration right there, but you understand the magnitude, right?!

There’s something about old movies that captivates me. They’re so romantic and dramatic, and black and white, which makes me wish that the modern day Hollywood would be more like back then.Their fashion is so priceless and inspiring, alas today we look back and take inspiration from them.

Well it looks like I’m spending the rest of this weekend in my room and on my laptop doing essays and assignments… and stealing time away to scout for fashion on the net. But I’ve got Ms Nora Jones to keep me company *The Fall album*

Hey, by the way…. “Feel confident in what you’re wearing. If you dont, it’s not the dress for you.” -Georgina Chapman, fashion designer for Marchesa