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Epidome of coolness?!

‘Dang girl, I like your swag. Can I tell you bout your swag?’

When you’re walking down the road, minding your own business like you’re supposed to, the last thing you expect is someone stopping you and make such a ‘interesting’ (yes, in quotations) statement. Of course the first thing that came to mind was Is he talking to me? Then you realise that he IS standing directly infront of you, the second, in my case, is to laugh *strus bob*. So I thought you what go right ahead, I genuinely wanted to hear what came out of his mouth, whether it was sane or insanely hillarious.

‘You’re makin’ me do a triple take, dang your walk just does it for me. Girl, you got it going on. You’re like…’ (queue the laughter right here). Yip, that’s when I laughed, I couldnt help it, really. I’d never been approached like this before! I knew this would be worth blogging about! Zing!

So it got me thinking, what’s this swag thing that everyone shoud have? And since when do South African guys use it as a new pick-up line. I decided that I should do abit of research into this ‘swag culture’, Was it the way you dress? The way I walked? My attitude? The colour of my hair? The aviator sunglasses I seem to be sporting alot (hope he noticed that)? Or was is it something you rhink ‘cool’ people only posses? (I dont know if I’m that cool… I’d like to think so every morning when I look in the mirror and give myself a mental boost,haha)

I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be a rapper, what he thought it was, and to him swagga is all in you attitude, the way you interact with other ‘cats’. So what does that mean? It consists of your walk, your talk and the way you think of your self. Fair enough. That’s understandable. Another friend of mine said it’s a ‘charismatice sense of style and self belief… confidence’. This makes sense.

Well I think swag is a sense of coolness, confidence mixed with a ‘I dont care’ attitude or a ‘I run this shindig’ persona and a strong sense of self. So I guess it’s a major compliment when someone says you’ve got ‘some swaaaaag girrrl!’

 What trully got me was my close friend Phumu’s rendition of what swag is… ‘It’s a ghetto way to say your charming’. hahahaha. Easy as that. I have to say that was a pretty simple way of putting it. Charm encompuses the confidence, sense of self belief, the attitude, laidbackness, coolness, style, walk and talk. I’m liking this swag thing so much more now, gimmi somma dat!

You’re probably asking, what happened with the guy, right? Well… I didn’t act all ‘swept’ by it, I simply just thanked the guy, after a good laugh that is. I guess I might have burst his bubble a little. But can you blame me? We spoke a little after that and he turned out to be a cool guy.

So hey, swag is something that anyone can have if you want it and no one can tell you otherwise. Live for you and Rock that swag girl!

PS: I’m highly flattered by the compliment. Stay cool yall♥♥