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So we all know the risk taking fashion of New York, the bohemian fleur of L.A,the grunge look of London, the stylish essence of Milan and sophistication of Parisian style… but how much do you know about Cape Town style…? Yes.

 That’s what I thought…you don’t know much it, or anything at all. I guess you can say ‘we’ are takers of fashion from around the world. If we did an evaluation of Cape Town fashion or South African fashion in general, wouldn’t you say its kinda all similar because we have the same earthy tones and orange organza and sishweshwe material interpreted in seven different ways?

 Much like Stoned Cherrie, they basically do the same thing, just a little differently. I really do love their natural vibe and they do represent S.A fashion and they are an amazing brand, but have we not limited ourselves to a corner?

 There are designers who are challenging the status quo, designers like GAVIN RAJAH, I love his risk taking in fashion and feminine vibe…God knows I’d love to be front and centre at one of his shows, heck yeah!!!

Whimsical Fashion

The fun and laid back style that is Cape Town mixed with youthful influences and African inspiration mixed with western fleur… this is what makes the Cape Town style. It’s such a beautiful city that is bursting at the seams with so much potential, fashion wise. I’m in love with the way in which style is portrayed in an effortless mixture boho, classic and african way.

Yesterday I walked around on campus and saw so many beautiful ensembles…soaking up the last bit of heat from summer before we go in to the bone chilling Cape Town winter, bone chilling because I’m from the warm winters of Durban… (But Cape Town is my joy right now).

 The community of fashion bloggers in South Africa is extremely small when compared to London or New York, so when I view a blog by a South African that is as brilliant as those counter parts of ‘over seas’ I get so proud.

I’d love to show you why I love Cape Town, more so South African fashion, so much (if you’d let me)…  I love spending hours on Polyvore…*oh no…My quotas running out heehee*…and mixing and matching pieces together

My new obsession right now is this leopard print. It brings a little juje to any outfit, I just absolutely adore it. If you add it to any outfit, not toooo much of it now cos that’s over-kill (fashion suicide). But just a scarf or gloves or shoes. NB: one leopard print accessory per outfit… trust me ladies(and guys, hopefully*wink*)… no one wants to see a live leopard walking about on the streets *take note Kim Kardashian* 

 Pamela J…♥