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Bonjour my soul sistaz. Happy 1st of May♥♥. I haven’t posted all weekend and it feels like a elongated lifetime… Well I’ve been having such a major blast, you would not believe!!! (note the sarcasm ). I have been in bed all weekend nursing a cold *damn you flu virus*…

I wont say that it’s all been a waste of time because I got to do abit of work in bed, and boy is there alot of work, I could swear I heard my brain fry in certain areas.

So your probably wondering about my strange (but cool…yes, cool. teehee) title. “Let me tell you why you’re here…” (hahaha random moment. Is the cough syrup playin with me?)… I have this pair of socks, they’re lilac, purple and stripy… so for a person as weird and imaginative as me they look like Dinosuar feet! Zing!!

Ok, ok… they also remind me of Barney, remember him…*childhood memories*. So all weekend I’ve been walking around in Dinosocks and a big T-shirt and chilling in my bed all snugg. This winter seems to be coming so hard that I’m seriously considering taking my heater with me to ALL my lectures **heehee I can just imagine the shocked look on my lecturers face when I setup shop right there in the front row and saying ‘dont mind me, just do your thing prof”** #EPIC

So back to FASHION… the look I’m going for is an A-shaped trenchie, whatever colour that tickles your fantasy boo- I was thinking popping blue, yellow orRED. These colours make for great statements and if your a fashionista you want to make heads turn. Pair the statement trench coat with black stockings, preferably thick warm ones so you dont freeze your pins off-then blame me*wink*, and #murder em’ heals , or boots. To add more quirk, which I would do, wear some nerdy glasses. This look is sleek and classic and adds abit of sophistication to the casual look I usually go for and the nerdy glasses add abit of fun.

Since I’m sooo in love with leopard print as of late (check prev. post) it would be smashing to add a leopard print scarf in the mix, it makes the look a little sexy *wink*. Or better yet, if you have a pair of leopard print LOUBOUTINS lying around, just rock em!

Au revoir! my lovelies ♥♥♥…