So this is my first post about my undying love of Louboutins. Its long over due really! There’s something that is just too captivating, the ‘oh-em-gee’ factor, about them… I have to admit to being a shoe fanatic, like most of you are, so this has to be normal right

Christian Louboutins are just so amazing and make any outfit stand out, they will certainly have heads turning, possibly breaking.

So, yes, I do admit to daydreaming about my *future pair of Loubs…Its good to dream you know. The make of the shoes is so flattering to the leg, it elongates it. The beautifully crafted work of art always has something that will make it sooo standout-ish. Each pair has its unique nature, a statement, so I suppose you can say they are a statement piece.

My friends and I have this thing we say when something is so good its just unexplainable… we add the word gasm at the end of a word. Like if you really like clothes you say Im having a clothesgasm, or if you really like technology you say Im having a tecchnogasm. Louboutins certainly give me a shoegasm… teehee