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In your message you said

you were going to bed

but Im not done with the night

So I stayed up and read,

but your words in my head

got me mixed up so I turned out the light

And I, dont know how, to slow it down

My minds racing from chasing pirates

Now, Im having the squeems

as the silliest things

 floppin around, in my brain.

and I try not to dream

of the impossible schemes

swim around, wanna drown me insane…


I simply love this song to bits. You might have figured that Im a Nora Jones fan from my previous posts. I guess she puts me in the mood of just being chilled. I love that this song has the word PIRATES… Hahahaha no, not the soccer team!

I guess you could say the mystery of pirates and the eye-patches and the black and white and wierd hats…(you’re probably thinking of Pirates of the Carribean arn’cha). So putting all these elements of pirates in an outfit would be a joy…*wrap it up in an outfit*. It would be a cool outfit but it’s not the season for that. Just sharing inspiration.

My outfit for today kind of resembled the pirate look…ish. I wore a black and white vertical striped long top *vertical stripes are unflattering but who cares*… it has this zip detail on the left shoulder and its sort of a shoulder-tube #lord knows what that it hehehe I paired the top with light blue jeans, they’re almost washedout, from Legit. I put on a pair of grey boot and I was good to go.

It started to thunder a little bit so I stayed indoors this afternoon. I have to admit that I am a fan of winter weather, the outfits you get to make up are even more better that the weather, but in Cape Town its ridic freezing. Hey… give me a break, Im from Durban! When CT weather gets tough…I have no affiliation! *lol*

Have a fantastic night

Pamela J♥♥