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That chick is I

It’s been a week since I’ve last posted and it feels like months. Im really getting into blogging, I finally consider my self a blogger… You’re probably asking who’s that chick right… No worries, Im back yoll.

Well this past weekend was EPIC! Well Friday was anyway… My close friends Phumu, Violet and I went for dinner in Cavendish Square at Primi’s. It was so much fun just hanging ouut and talking with my girls, #Myteam as we say. We had drinks and alooota pizza, and the pizza was delicious. Our waitor was incredible and their service was amazing, Im definitely going back there soon. The funniest thing was seeing Violet real-talk, get a couple of coctails in her and you’ve got a confession *hahahaha* that was hilarious!

So I tasted the Cosmopolitan for the forst time and it was great… Could it be my new fav…? Maybe.  All I know is that we had a great time before varsity starts to kick our asses ’til kingdom come. I had a great time and I sure hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.