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Now this's real talk right here

When I first read both these lines by one of my fashion idols (the other being Audrey Hepburn) I instantly knew, and got overly excited- *much to the amusement of my friend Phumu*, that I had to make a post of it. An electrical surge of energy rushed through my brain. Yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for *whoop whoop*. I’m a huge believer in embracing your OWN personal style and absolutely rocking it to the best if your abilities and with utmost confidence.

When I read these quotes I realised that alot of women and/girls are very much afraid of portraying their own style. Somewhere along the lines someone said ‘you have to follow fashion trends to the T’…. waaaaaaait a minute! What’s that about? If  I remember correctly… Audrey Hepburn wore what she wanted to (however odd it looked at the time) and wore a grunge looking head scarf on the guitar playing scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Coco Chanel wore mens trousers, suits and bow-ties and made black and white dresses when women, at the time, where all dolled-up with colour. So why is it that we do not exhibit our styles?

When I see girls and women bending over backwards trying to fit in with the latest trend…its alittle dis-heartning. Look, Im not saying that following trends is a bad thing, but let it influence your style not rule it. Let your quirky, preppy, grunge or classic style shine above the rest. They’ll look at you and respect you for being darn-ol’ you!Chanel

Fashion Idol

Personally, I dont follow fashion trends but I do let them influence my style. I want my style to be front and centre and the reaction to be “she made that *trending shoe* work”… Being different makes me unique. MY style is what I have to show the world. It is my style after all…

Pamela J…♥