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What's a girl to do?

Okay, yeah, I know… this is a weird post to do but… I cant help it okay *shrug*. (forget the sexual innuendo in the title L.o.L)

Somehow this year I have grown into a coffee lover. Don’t ask me how this happened because I don’t know *now I sound like an addict*. I just found myself continually buying. Now, I have never really entertained drinking coffee at all but now it’s become “my thing”… I’ve even rubbed off on my friend Phumu!… this cant be good…Can it?

Perfect Day

I’ve a;ways been a tea drinker, trust me I still am, but now it’s the hardest decision to make. Tea, or coffee? When I think about the cocoa aroma a hot cup of coffee exudes, the creamy surface that looks soooo good. The chocolaty colour. The heat. The sensation it gives when you take your first sip…mildly get burnt…swirl it around in your mouth, then swallow. Wow, could this be a coffeegasm?


I LOVE drinking coffee out of big round cups with a looong teaspoon- Dear God I’m so random! See this is what I’m saying about me being a self-proclaimed NERD and goofball!

Pamela J…♥♥