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Wild African Fashion

This has to be the most exciting news this week for me (thank goodness, I needed something else other than essays and assignments, Dear God!)

The Department of Trade and Idustry have finally decided to establish a National Fashion Council…*music to my ears*. This comes after the fashion industry itself did not succeed in opening it themselves. This means there will be regional and national workshops, mentoring and training for the people of South Africa to nuture their talents, the S.A Fashion Industry would be taken seriously as an industry contributing to the South African Economy.

South African designers stand a better chance of being exposed internationally and make teir mark abroad. This is absolutely exciting news as it shows that the country is indeed moving foewardand taking note of the ever growing fashion industry. I’m so excited I’m bursting at the seems! *Oh the joy of being South African…no sarcasm,hahaha*

Elaine Smith, the director of clothing, textiles, footwear and leather; there is a huge chance of there bieng two, a shall repeat, TWO official South African Fashion Weeks *oh…so I’ve got two chances of going to S.A.F.W!*  Zing!!!!

South Africa is still a growing nation and all we have to do is give it a chance and stop focusing sooo much on the negative aspects *politics*… and just enjoy the best things about this country…If we dont, foriegners will *and have a blast while they’re at it*.

 And now the long wait… *wink*

Pamela J ♥…

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