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Bonjour ladies (maaaaybe gents).

I have been swamped with work and exams as of late, *I’m surprised I’m still sane…no seriously*, so posting really hasn’t been on the top of my list. But to say at least a lines worth of fashion, recently I went with a close friend of mine to bum around in Town before the mass exam session that seems to murder me *dramatic much, but hey* start.

We went to Wardrobe in Kloof and OH MY LORDY LORD!! Is all I can say really, ok there is certainly no way I could possibly shut up about it. The store is my kind of store, the things I love to wear. It’s rather quirky and slightly bohemian, which I utterly love. Everything I lust over was in that store. The shop slash cashier lady was so wonderful too. The sheers, the leopard prints, the lace and the blacks and also *excited* the chunky knit wear *I was in my whimsical element, no lie*

I have to commend them on how they themed the store, very stylish interior,  the wall are adorned with vintage photographs of old magazine covers and their tables have marshmellows in them *how cool is that?*. I have certainly become a huge fan of wardrobe and I hope you become one too.

If ever there was a store that best describes my style, I guess this has to be it. I’m in love with the vintage quirkyness that it is and the fun loving vibe that’s depicted in it *hey…I have to be pasionate about everything fashion right?*. So if you’re in the area or even in Cape Town make sure that you pop in to treat yourself, trust me….you will not, repeat, not be disappointed. Ok, I should shut up now and go back to the extreme excitement that is my text books *so extremely sarcastic its oozing* 

So let the shopping spree, #whisper tone, at Wardrobe begin… 

For a whole lot more checkout their Facebook fan page… 

Pamela J… ♥♥♥