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It’s the 1st of June and I thought I would celebrate it with a Polyvore post. I certainly had fun coming up with this set. I’m actually very excited about this month, for some odd and ambiguous reason. Maybe it might have something to do with the fact that this Ol’ gal is heading home for vac very soon. I do utterly love Cape Town but home is where the heart is. The thought that I will be reunited with my long lost… (okay I have a tendancy to go into my own novel-like world sometimes). I’m thrilled to see my family and best friends when I get back to KZN.
I cant wait to see my other sarcastic half, BFF Cas, and my lovely and inspirational mom. The though of having tea and coffe with her on the patio fills me with a warm buttery feeling inside, is this normal? Going to the beach in Cape Town in winter is not even an after thought, you will freeze your ass off just by staring at the water, but back at home it’s sort of a tradition because the water is so warm and the winter is not as nearly as cold.
I do hope you ladies enjoy the beginning of your June month, and Happy Birthday to Micayla and everyone who celebrates their Birthday this month. Enjoy my lovlies.
Pamela J…♥♥♥