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Now, all my friends know that I go bonkers over fashion. I would like to consider myself a fashionista, if I dont then who will? I’m always on the internet looking at what’s new and trending *though I could care less to follow them*.

I’m always looking at new blogs on Blog Lovin’ and what style is being portrayed internationally. But everyday my (perfectly coloured nails) fingers keep typing in to a blog I’ve grown addict to. Fashion Toast…I’m sure you have noticed that it’s on my blogroll. Yes, I absolutely love it to bits… *an obsession I tell you!*

Rumi Neely superbly pulls an outfit together with what seems to be very little effort. An outfit is never complete without her black /lace thigh highs and her killer Jeffrey Cambpell’s heels.

The one thing that stands out for me is that her colour pallet is rather minimal, usually bloggers, rather fashion bloggers, will go all exccessive in colour, sometimes it turns out to be raather me to try to be different

What appeals to me is the quirk in every outfit *I love me some quirk*, almost like a non-conformist.

Check out fashiontoast.com to see the method in my madness…uhm…obsession?

Pamela J…♥♥