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Rock your OWN personal style

I’ts almost been an entire month since I’ve posted (I’m embarrassed…I really am), It feels like centuries really. But hey, I was on vac sooo lets kiss and make up, yeah?

A lot has happened in fashion since the last post, fashion weeks have passed, royal weddings and award ceremonies, along with all of that I’ve noticed that my take on personal style has changed, better yet improved. I think being a little risky is needed if you want to trully show who you see your self as. I have been taking a little more risks and having a little bit more fun *which is always epic*

I guess you could say I’ve been “letting my hair down”. Since I cant exactly post outfit shots of what I’m wearing… the next best thing is give you a play by play of them, so here it goes…

Recently I bought a very skinny skinny pair of jeans in black, and I’m mortified to say that it was my first ever pair of black jeans( at least I’ve had gray, that’s something right? * shrug*), they were the perfect fit, my booty looked sooo cute, well…I have to have a positive view of my self right?! I also bought a white tank top but the best part of the outfit was this oversized white shirt that belonged to my mom, she only had worn it once but I had to have it! It sort of has a quirk about it, weird to know my mom keeps with up with my sense of style. I also got these killer wedges that looked rather cute, a little floral too and the best part is that they matched my dusty peach bag *a little colour please*. I have a thing for gold jewelry so I got a gold watch too

Mind you, wearing heels on campus is definitely not the best idea but wedges are certainly not as bad as I thought

At the end of the day, YOUR own style has to shine and I’m big on rocking personal style than imitating someone else’s… Just be Fashionista You!!

Love Pamela J…♥♥