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A True Star

It is certainly no surprise that I happen to be doing a post about a lady who happens to be quite big right now. But the only reason that I would do a post about her is beacause of her fashion sense…..(apart from the fact that I am a fan)

I happen to be rather HUGE  Vogue fan and when I discovered that the lovely Emma Wtson would cover it… I became an even bigger fan of both the mag and Ms Emma *stoked*.

Emma watson is certainly making a mark in the word of fashion and everyone is taking notice. I think thay she has kind of reinventyed the “Good Girl” look (after vanessa hudgens kind of destroyed it).

Not only is she gorgeous and wears her outfits in that way but also extremely talented. Vogue did a pretty darn good job of picking her.

Pamela J…♥

Images courtesy of Vogue.com