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To me this magazine is a South Aftican version of Vogue. Yes, I know that this is a huge statement to make but it is certainly my opinion but obviously what makes Voila different is that it has a distinctive South African touch, voila. Voila magazine is rather new to the market and the readership is probably quite small but with Zolani of internationaly acclaimed South African band Freshly Ground has graced previous covers then you kind of have to get my drift.

I remember buying my first pair of white pants that I wore excessively by Noni (Legit line) **my mom and I referred to them the “Noni pants”**, and that was the first time I had been introduced to Ms Gasa and her exceptional style.

I was so extremely excited to discover, though a month late *better late than never*, that the lovely and talented TV personality, fashion writer, stylist, style icon and lecturer at Lisof was the cover of the “INSTANT STYLE FIX” July issue *music to my ears*. I have to give props to Voila for stepping in the right direction with that decision.

Noni Gasa has the kind of style that you wish you could copy, but that would be a waste as her style is always reinvented, the most exciting for me was when she cut her hair…please Lord grant me the courage to do that one day…one day. I appreciate her sophisticated take on fashion. Let me not ramble for too long and let the images speak.exceptional The Future

Style Goddess

There is only one way to wear fashion…and that’s BOLDLY – Pamela J…♥

Images courtesy of Google.