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So there has been a big ruckus about Beyonce’s Countdown video and I thought that it was about time I watched it. And so I did…and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Surprised first by the moves she was doing with a pregnancy…*daaang*(work-a-holic) and secondly, surprised that the fashion in the video is something I have been wanting to try out for a while now ūüôā

I reeeeally loved the bright colours they used like bright orange nails, the lime liquid eyeliner, the blue;red;green and yellow swimsuites, the black and whit round hat, the even brighter background (anyone who knows me knows I love colour)….I was in heaven. I absolutely adored the 90’s inspired outfits she chose, my fav being the baggy baby pink shirt, black bra and grey headscarf.

Another one of my favourites is the slouchy grey T and navy pleated skirt paired with the black stockings and white socks…Sooo lovely, it kinda reminded me of 21 jump street…I don’t know why…but hey.

Oh and how could I forget the nautical inspired one, the striped tank top and headscarf, short shorts and suspenders, this outfit was cute and fun, much like the video itself. another trend I noticed, introduced by Kourtney Kardash, is the sleek up do with a headscarf (or not). I think this hairstlye is classy and elegant and will¬†definitely¬†try out very soon. Here’s the fabulous video. Enjoy

Love, Pamela J