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“These violent delights have violent ends” -Act 2, Scene 6 (Romeo&Juliet)

Ever so often we give up on our dreams because of circumstances that are beyond our control… However hard it may be we never really have a choice but to give up on them. I came across this picture of ballet slippers and it reignited my passion for ballet. It reminded me of my ballet days. The last time I was in a ballet class was when I was sixteen years old and that’s three years ago. And to add to that, I go through short but heavy bursts of obsessions and currently it’s Romeo and Juliet…(Don’t ask, Just read)

It kind of inspired me for this post, and it definitely brought out the girly side of me… I hope that you all dream big and never give up on your deepest dreams. Love, Laugh and experience life to the fullest… You only have one after all.

Love… Pamela J ♥