HI My fashionistas!!weheartit.com

Words cant even begin to explain how much I have missed Young Fashion Youth(this including all of you YFY’s who take the time to read). Firstly I would really like to apologize for being away for sooo loong. But not to worry, I am back one hundred percent and am not looking back.

I’m actually very excited for this year and all the craziness that it will bring, but honey, lemme tell you somethin’ its going to be an amazing year *Bible*. I have a lot of new changes in store for Young Fashion Youth which you will be fortunate to see and read but I cant really tell you much about them at this moment in time…*queue suspence music* (tee hee). I can, however, tell you about the fact that you will be seeing someone for the first time…as to who…..who knows

My style has been evolving for quite a bit, bouncing between fashions, trying to find my asthetic, but I came to an astonishing conclusion…

Why should I have to try and define my style anyway? Why Am I looking to box my personal style into something people are able to recognise?… Cos I definetely do not think that Audrey Hepburn, in all her grace and splendor, said she had to choose one particular fashion or style.

This is what fashionistas are made of!!… Taking leaps and bounds in fashion and blurring the lines between bohemian and avante garde, Chanel -esque and Macy’s.

Basically, a true fashionista takes risks into the unknown and comes out on the other side looking fierce and fashion forward. So I’m not really going to say I have a typical style but say “My style is all over the place, yet always fierce”

The only way to be you is to do you, so how about you chuck the norms and have fun with it… YOUR WAY!!

Love….Pamela J          @KingPamelaJune