On days such as these…the grey clouds, the rain, the cold air and the all round gloomy mood (twilight much?!) signal the way I feel.I dnt exactly wake up to my usual almost-content-with-waking up kind of mood but one thing about me is that I dont slumber in the same solem mood all day(because thats completely boring) but  shake it off, recite the words “peace, love and happiness” and I feel all the more better.

On days like this all I really want to do is just sit in doors with a hot cup of coffee and a mouth watering *CUPCAKE* or some cookies and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Vogue’s The September Issue. Alas, that is not about to happen today sooo, the second best thing is for me be on campus and occasionally steal away the time to gawk at Vogue or look through my favourite fashion blogs.