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OH YEAH!! *Mason Disick voice*

Hello my fashionistas!! It has, indeed, been a bit of a while. So usually I would apologize for my absence at this point so I will… Im soooo sorry I could not blog as often. The thing is that I always promise to blog more often but it never really happens. So how about we just take it a day at a time, yeah? *chuckle*

So what is it about lemonade that just instantly cools you down as if you were not even boilling hot in the first place? Today Cape Town was scortching hot and of course I had to be on campuse attending lectures. The day was rather short for me though because I only had two lectures today *word!!*.

As soon as I got to my room I started snapping away with my webcam. Im going through this phase (ok, I wouldnt call it a phase cause its more like a new found passion) of picture editing. So here are some of the picture I took today of my outfit and self.

WHAT I WORE: Today I wanted to go for the buttoned up look that’s pretty much everywhere, so I wore a  checkered shirt I bought at Truworths a while back, black jeans with a velvet trim on the sides. Simple and laid back for campus

PS: DISCLAIMER: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON HER OWN BLOG…. PAMELA JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!! **standing ovation and crowd going insane** LolHow appropriate..a flower punch for the first time you see meRing: Foschini

Love… Pamela J