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Hi everyone!

Happy new month of June! Well in South Africa it’s supposed to be Winter but for some odd worldly reason it just seems like Winter is nowhere to be found *raised eyebrow*. But that’s no problem for us fashion lovers cause we know how to roll with it. So lately I have been completely obssesing over something I find to be so edgy and retro and very I-don’t-give-a-f*** to conform.

Ear chains! Or Ear cuffs…  I’m really into them because there is something so hard core about them but… they’re such a small accessory(a small accessory that packs a punch). They’re so stylish and also very much tough-girly. They kind of remind me of a medieval princess in her organza and satin lined room with gigantic burnt orange satin pillows…*this is my imagination taking over-Don’t mind it*

So I wanted put up some pictures because I really love them and I will be making tracks to buying my own and styling in pretty soon. I know that it is*supposedly* Winter here and ear chains are more of a Summer accessory but WHO CARES! So feast your eyes…mwaa ha ha ha