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Apart from the highly annoying fact that winter in Cape Town is just like something out of one of those deathly avalanche movies, I genuinely miss being back home in KZN. There, winters are just like summer, the days are spent at the beach regardless of the chilly weather… to me…*shrug* that’s normal.

In other news, and rather hilarious to me, my friend Phumz has been going rather buck over the idea of hundreds of girls (on campus might I add) donning what they call “Box Braids” and she cannot help but call them out on their unoriginal taste. If you are nowhere near the know…let me explain. For the past year or so, for black women, braids have come back with a bang and the young fashion “icon’ who brought them back is none other that B’s younger sister, Solange.

I personally do like then and I think they are completely ethnically chic. I am a number one advocate for original ideas and going against trends and I can definitely see her side of the story, it’s boring seeing everyone with the same generic look, it’s ridiculous.

What with that being said… I’m donning Braids too!! :/ …but not “Box Braids” though… tee hee

My Winter Campus outfit