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Why yes, yes you are. This post is a day late, I do realize that. But better late than never, really. Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films and when I heard this I was very much excited. I am a huge fan of James Bond (Grins to self)…Oh, and the films.

James Bond was single-handedly responsible influencing men to be mysterious, suave and full of first-class class. And need I say, don’t remind me of them also thinking that they are legendary spies. Pff. James Bond is a legend! Hello! JB forms a huge part of British pop culture, not only because they happen to find the perfect Bond, but because the story is as much intriguing as the character.

That, I adore. I, myself, am a huge classic film buff so this is right up my alley. Speaking of which, I am currently reading a Bond-esque novel that was written in the fifties, Mission to Venice.

I have always wanted my very own Mr “Bond…James Bond” too, with confidence and slickness and command every room he steps into. But, of course, with the exclusion of waking up and he’s vanished into thin air and never to be seen again (No thank you).

This, by the way, is the second post in a series of my The League of Gentlemen (which I am very proud to name it that, tee hee).

Lastly, I think Robert Pattinson should be the next James Bond. Just a thought.

Love… Your Soul Sister, Pamela J