Beautiful Beginnings…

I’ve never really been the “Hi, I’m Pamela and I love long walks on the beach” type of girl, frankly that’s just boring and conventional (and this is not an AA meeting now is it?)! So that being said, it left me with the predicament of how to introduce my self to the Blogosphere. So let me start off with the Fact that I absolutely love fashion, it’s a way of wearing art and expressing my self(and having a blast all at the same time) and thus had to start a fashion blog. I’ve recently moved to Cape Town so I’m still trying to adjust to this new found independence. I’m a student studying English and Media and I utterly love it here.

Apparently I’m crazy… Well it depends on how you look at it really. I love having fun and creating fun out of nothing… all just for you♥. I’m an all round happy person, Why? Because life is meant to be happy. Writting novels makes me happy too…

A quote that I live by is one by Coco Chanel that says “EVERYDAY IS A FASHION SHOW, AND THE WORLD IS YOUR RUNWAY”

I suppose my aim is to inspire people to just smile, laugh, shop until they drop, be positive and be happy about life♥.

Young Fashion Youth will contain my personal anecdotes and opinions on things that matter to me, whether that be fashion, design, style, people, places and life in general. It’s about beautiful clothes, friends, love and happiness.

I just hope that I can say something that might be of interest to you… This is just my whimsical (I’d like to believe) piece of life. Enjoy it with me♥♥

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings…”

  1. Nice one *wink wink*

  2. Lovely Blog 🙂 keep up the good work xxx

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