My oh Miley…

I am not exactly a fan of Miley Cyrus, I don’t think she is a good singer nor do i think she is a good actress. But! With that being said… She just went up my cool-o-meter by just about 70%. Why, you may ask. Her amazing new haircut. I just think shes just too cool for anything right now. I love her hair cut! I really do. There’s something so rocker and chic about it at the same time. Thank you Miley…for doing something I do actually appreciate.¬†

I love her dress tooImageImageImageImage

By the way… Pink has the same hair cut! There!

 Love, your Soul Sister, Pamela J


Mr Bond…James Bond


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Why yes, yes you are. This post is a day late, I do realize that. But better late than never, really. Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films and when I heard this I was very much excited. I am a huge fan of James Bond (Grins to self)…Oh, and the films.

James Bond was single-handedly responsible influencing men to be mysterious, suave and full of first-class class. And need I say, don’t remind me of them also thinking that they are legendary spies. Pff. James Bond is a legend! Hello! JB forms a huge part of British pop culture, not only because they happen to find the perfect Bond, but because the story is as much intriguing as the character.

That, I adore. I, myself, am a huge classic film buff so this is right up my alley. Speaking of which, I am currently reading a Bond-esque novel that was written in the fifties, Mission to Venice.

I have always wanted my very own Mr “Bond…James Bond” too, with confidence and slickness and command every room he steps into. But, of course, with the exclusion of waking up and he’s vanished into thin air and never to be seen again (No thank you).

This, by the way, is the second post in a series of my The League of Gentlemen (which I am very proud to name it that, tee hee).

Lastly, I think Robert Pattinson should be the next James Bond. Just a thought.

Love… Your Soul Sister, Pamela J


Black Urban Class


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Black Urban Class

I have been going through this phase of loving everything that has to do with Men, Class and embracing black identity…(the female aspect too but that is for another day). So, with that being said, this is a first in a series of post here and there about this new found love. I am a tad weird with these things…bear with a soul sister.

Love, your Soul-Sister Pamela June

Alonso Mateo: Coolest Kid Ever


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I just came across this, the most stylish little boy I have ever seen. Mason has nothing on this little kiddo. His name is Alonso Mateo and the name has a very stylish ring to it too. I have never seen such a young little man with swagg that can rival that of men. TF?. I am so inlove with this little crooner that I just had to do a little post of it. His images on his mommies instagram just have me melting. You can check him and his mommy out on her instagram @luisafere Oh my lord this is just too exciting. I’m literally bursting at the seams of myself.

Til we meet again, but for now, Enjoy ūüėČLove Pamela J…‚ô•¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (I want a baby boy)

Winter Mysteries…


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Apart from the highly annoying fact that winter in Cape Town is just like something out of one of those deathly avalanche movies, I genuinely miss being back home in KZN. There, winters are just like summer, the days are spent at the beach regardless of the chilly weather… to me…*shrug* that’s normal.

In other news, and rather¬†hilarious¬†to me, my friend Phumz has been going rather buck over the idea of hundreds of girls (on campus might I add) donning what they call “Box Braids” and she cannot help but call them out on their¬†unoriginal¬†taste. If you are nowhere near the know…let me explain. For the past year or so, for black women, braids have come back with a bang and the young fashion “icon’ who brought them back is none other that B’s younger sister, Solange.

I personally do like then and I think they are completely¬†ethnically¬†chic. I am a number one advocate for¬†original¬†ideas and going against trends and I can¬†definitely¬†see her side of the story, it’s boring seeing everyone with the same generic look, it’s ridiculous.

What with that being said… I’m donning Braids too!! :/ …but not “Box Braids” though… tee hee

My Winter Campus outfit

A Medieval Princess’ Chain…


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Hi everyone!

Happy new month of June! Well in South Africa it’s supposed to be Winter but for some odd worldly reason it just seems like Winter is nowhere to be found *raised eyebrow*. But that’s no problem for us fashion lovers cause we know how to roll with it. So lately I have been completely obssesing over something I find to be so edgy and retro and very I-don’t-give-a-f*** to conform.

Ear chains! Or Ear cuffs… ¬†I’m really into them because there is something so hard core about them but… they’re such a small accessory(a small accessory that packs a punch). They’re so stylish and also very much tough-girly. They kind of remind me of a¬†medieval¬†princess in her¬†organza¬†and satin lined room with gigantic burnt orange satin pillows…*this is my imagination taking over-Don’t mind it*

So I wanted put up some pictures because I really love them and I will be making tracks to buying my own and styling in pretty soon. I know that it is*supposedly* Winter here and ear chains are more of a Summer accessory but WHO CARES! So feast your eyes…mwaa ha ha ha

YFY Turns 1 (point oh)


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Hi Everyone!

I know I have not posted or a while, and I hate myself for it, but I’m soaked with stress. This post is over due in the sense that in¬†APRIL YOUNG FASHION YOUTH TURNED 1!!! Whoop whoop.¬†

Well, I was super excited at the time, and I still am, but doing the post for it was not exactly doable. I am so grateful to all the readers ((I see you)) who read and have a glance every now and then. I’m super proud of YFY¬†and it’s always so heart warming to see how you beautiful fashionistas enjoy it too.

One thing that I really wanted to do is incorporate more of my personal pictures, as in the previous post *sticks tongue out*, for you to see the brains behind the weird madness that is YFY so we can all get to know each other more.

Thank you so much to everyone. Much love…2up…rock on…peace love and happiness..ok, I’ll stop now!

young fashion youth

Love Pamela J…‚ô•

They said to be quiet…beautifully


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OH YEAH!! *Mason Disick voice*

Hello my fashionistas!! It has, indeed, been a bit of a while. So usually I would¬†apologize¬†for my absence at this point so I will… Im soooo sorry I could not blog as often. The thing is that I always promise to blog more often but it never really happens. So how about we just take it a day at a time, yeah? *chuckle*

So what is it about lemonade that just instantly cools you down as if you were not even boilling hot in the first place? Today Cape Town was scortching hot and of course I had to be on campuse attending lectures. The day was rather short for me though because I only had two lectures today *word!!*.

As soon as I got to my room I started snapping away with my webcam. Im going through this phase (ok, I wouldnt call it a phase cause its more like a new found passion) of picture editing. So here are some of the picture I took today of my outfit and self.

WHAT I WORE: Today I wanted to go for the buttoned up look that’s pretty much everywhere, so I wore a ¬†checkered shirt I bought at Truworths a while back, black jeans with a velvet trim on the sides. Simple and laid back for campus

PS: DISCLAIMER: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON HER OWN BLOG…. PAMELA JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!! **standing ovation and crowd going insane** LolHow appropriate..a flower punch for the first time you see meRing: Foschini

Love… Pamela J

Marwood Lace Bow Ties


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How epic is this…(I know that in the previous post I said I was going through writers block…but, Lol, CLEARLY it’s kind of over). I just happened to stumble upon the most adorable lace bow ties by Marwood. I just absolutely love the lace detailing. These bow ties have a sort of Chanel vibe that I absolutely adore…*besides any girl loves a bit of sexy feminine lace to complete an outfit now and then*. They are just so delectable, I know it’s weird or a little odd that I’m comparing bow ties to confectionery…but look who is talking here¬†OK.

Please enjoy the images and have a feast!!

Love…Pamela J ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†@KingPamelaJune